Medicaid Planning For All Indiana Residents

When our founding attorney, Adair Walker Brent, established The Law Office of Adair Brent, P.C., she decided to make Medicaid planning a large part of her elder law practice. She made this decision not only because she was aware of the importance of this type of planning, but also because she was aware of the myths that prevent so many Indiana residents from taking the necessary steps to plan for their golden years.

Why People Ignore Medicaid Planning Needs

Many people fail to take the first step toward Medicaid planning because they believe it is too late or because of another person's experience. Rumors abound concerning how far in advance one must plan, while others wrongly believe that the approach that worked for neighbors or friends will work for them. Our lawyer's job is to dispel the myths that surround Medicaid planning and help our clients create individualized plans that address their specific situations and future needs.

If you are considering Medicaid planning, you likely share common concerns with many of our other clients, such as:

  • Will I lose my house?
  • Will I lose my savings and investments?
  • Will I need to divorce my spouse for our future security?

With the help of our lawyer, you can discover ways to protect your own future and the future of your family.

Learn More About Your Options

Whether you need help creating estate planning documents, such as a power of attorney, or you are ready to begin Medicaid planning, look no further than our law firm. By scheduling a free initial consultation at our Bedford law office, you can get the help you need to protect your assets for you and your loved ones. Call us to arrange an appointment at 812-329-3635 or send us an email.

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