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Our primary mission is to provide the knowledge, care and guidance you deserve while building a plan for the future and protecting your estate for those you love.

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The Law Office of Adair Brent, P.C., supports our clients by explaining the possible legal options for the protection of their estates. Our focus on estate planning will ensure the distribution of your assets according to your wishes, secure your own financial stability, protect your elderly family members, assist with critical Medicaid planning or provide legal representation after the death of a loved one. Whatever your need, our law firm stands with you.

If you would like to discuss your planning needs with our attorney, Adair Walker Brent, we invite you to schedule a free initial consultation at our law office in Bedford by calling 812-329-3635 or sending an email.

Helping Families At Risk

If you or an elderly family member faces an uncertain situation, you may be unsure about where to turn. Fortunately, you can turn to us. We will work together to solve the issues.

We can help you and those you love navigate the challenges associated with life's transitions by assisting you in the creation of clear and effective legal documents and empowering you with the knowledge of how and when to use them. We work with our clients to create legal documents that are tailored to their needs, including powers of attorney, health care powers of attorney, wills and revocable trusts.

Not only do we draft the documents to address the needs of each individual client, but we also take the time to translate "legalese" into everyday English. Careful, thorough planning and preparation equips you and your loved ones with the tools necessary to address the changes that occur during life's transitions.

Worried About Your Future Care? Medicaid Planning Can Alleviate Concerns.

If you have concerns about future needs for long-term health care and the financial consequences that could arise due to those needs, our lawyer, Adair Walker Brent, can help alleviate those concerns. Adair will help you untangle your concerns and address each one.

For example, many of our clients see nursing homes as a choice of last resort. Did you know that, in some cases, it is possible to obtain Medicaid to help pay for in-home care, which can delay or prevent the need for nursing home placement? By assisting you with Medicaid planning, we can increase access to quality health care and maximize asset protection while providing priceless peace of mind.

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